VoIP for small business

Once your company grows past the small business stage, you'll probably provide telephone services to the office through a private branch exchange (PBX) system of some kind, also known as a switchboard. This lets you share a number of incoming phone lines among a larger number of extensions, so it's not necessary to pay for a separate line for every office employee or workstation, which saves money.However, you can save even more money by using VoIP instead of traditional public switched telephone network (PSTN) lines. There are many IP PBX solutions available. But the implementation and on going maintenance of an IP PBX system requires a type of expertise that your IT staff may not have. And if you go with a commercial product, the up-front costs for the hardware and software may be high.One alternative is to use a hosted IP PBX service. Just as some organizations prefer to use a Web hosting service rather than run their own Web servers, some find it easier and/or more cost-effective to have their IP PBX services hosted offsite.

This makes for a scable solution as well, since the provider usually has the means to upgrade your service easily as you add more users or need more sophisticated features. The number of users is almost unlimited with a hosted service, whereas when you use an on-site IP PBX, hardware and/or software can limit the number of phones that can connect to the system. Telephone companies seeing the benefits of hosted VoIP PBX have developed or are developing their own systems.

Portability, this is one of unique features of VoIP. Phones can be moved from one location to another and still be able to communicate with your VoIP phone. Because your VoIP phone travels with you wherever go. You can connect to the internet anywhere and still communicate with your VoIP phone. With hosted VoIP service, moving, adding, or changing the phone system is easy. Therefore, saving money, time, is simple and easy.

Virtual Office hosted PBX system does not require the purchase of IP phones. A alternative for small and mid-size business any where in the world to use an unlimited number of extensions and enjoy global independence and flexibility. With Virtual Office options include unlimited extension calling plan, metered virtual extension. Virtual office cuts the PBX system start up cost to 90%, while reducing monthly phone bills by 50%. Simple self-service tools for compete system and extension control. There is direct inbound dial (DID) telephone number for every extension for staff in the same building or anywhere in the world. Virtual Office lowers SMBs total cost or ownership for phone service.If you don't have a budget for expensive IP PBX hardware and software and the resources of of an IT person then VoIP hosted PBX service is probably the answer. The only installation requied for Virtual Office is plugging in the phones and call routing set by the service provider.

What is new in the computer world is cloud data storage. Cloud computing is a another device for storing your data. Within the cloud you can access your files from any desk top computer, laptop, mobile phones, or tablet.

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