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VoIP (voicepl over IP) is an IP telephony term for a set of facilities used to manage the delivery of voice information over the Internet. VoIP involves sending voice information in digit al form in discrete packets rather than by using the traditional circuit-committed protocols of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). A major advantage of VoIP and Internet telephony is that it avoids the tolls charged by ordinary telephone service. If you are not using VoIP in some or all of your phone systems, you are waisting a lot of time and money, money that could be spent on other projects. Thousands of consumers are collectively saving millions of dollars by replacing or supplementing their traditional telephone lines with VoIP. Widespread adoption of broadband Internet service (cable or DSL) in the last few years though has in turn fueled a surge in the growth of much-improved personal VoIP. To get started, you need an analog telephone adapter (ATA) to convert your voice into data packets. In most cases, all you have to do is connect the ATA to your broadband modem and a conventional phone, and you're ready to start making calls to any phone in the world.In addition to telephony calls made over the internet at much lower rates. Features you would have to pay for on regular phone service, a free with VoIP. Some of these features include: Call waiting with name, Caller Id with name, Auto Attendant, keep your phone number, Find me, follow me, and many more features. The old telephone system is the past.

Aside from saving cost and being abe to make long-distance and international calls at no addional cost. With a vikop prodiver or an aap you can use your phone to send an SMS message. SMS is nornal included in your service plan There may an additional cost with some providers.

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