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With the advent of smart phones(at one time was primary used for phone calls, email,and taking and sending pictures) now can be used to transmit your calls over the Internet. Ip hybird phones can be used the same as VOIP in home and business. These phones are used wirelessly or can switch to VOIP and calls will be run over the internet Voice over Internet Protocol, is a protocol which is optimized for making voice calls over the internet instead of your basic telephone. Voip is an emerging technologies it is no secret that the VOIP business has had an impact on the market.

Wireless VoIP technology is the concept of using wireless technologies and communication protocols through transmission technology to deliver voice communications and multimedia data over Internet protocol (IP) networks like the Internet. In this case, the Internet is WiFi and therefore is mobile. Wireless VoIP is different than traditional communication in that it is transported through wireless IP networks like the Internet rather than the public switched telephone network (PSTN). The data information are transferred into IP packets and then through the digitization process of the analog voice signal, is then encoded and sent over the IP with a packet-switched network. To receive the message being sent over IP, a similar process is then followed in reverse order to answer the phone call or message. Forms of wireless WiFi VoIP include mobile phone access, mobile Internet access as well as online video chatting such as programs like Skype. There are many mobile handsets available or direct cell phone apps to be used that can handle and utilize wireless WiFi VoIP technology